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National Curriculum Core Subjects

Key Stage One

Brackensdale Infant School Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview


Children participate in Guided Reading sessions, so that they are working on the same book as other children within a small group. This enables the teacher to teach reading skills to the group. The children are able to take their Guided Reading book home. Children read a range of texts, fiction and non-fiction, and are able to borrow library books too.

All children have a daily phonics session, following the “Letters and Sounds” programme. Children who are not ready to work within a group are able to share books individually with an adult.

Children also participate in Guided Writng sessions in small groups so that they are taught the skills required to write in a range of styles.

Children learn to count, handle data and solve number problems. They learn to weigh and measure.

Children learn about shape and space.

The areas covered are:

  • Scientific enquiry
  • Life-processes and living things
  • Materials and their properties
  • Physical processes

The children are encouraged to make observations, conduct experiments and record their findings in appropriate ways.


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