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National Curriculum Foundation Subjects

In Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2 – , Foxes, Peacocks, Otters and Koalas) foundation subjects are taught through ‘topics’ which are planned to ensure good curriculum coverage. The topics for 2013-14 are ‘Life on the Ocean Waves’, ‘Heroes and Heroines’ and ‘Brazil’. For further information see Brackensdale Infant School Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview. IT is used support the delivery of all curriculum areas.

Children who are based in The Ark – our specialist provision – are also taught through ‘topics’. The topics for 2012-13 are ‘All about me’, ‘Light and Dark’, ‘Books’ and ‘Sea Life’. For further information follow The  The Ark – Curriculum overview.

 Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship

“Circle time” is uses throughout the school to promote aspects of personal and social development. Through class discussion and stories, children become aware of their role within the school community and how their actions can influence school life.

There is a School Council with representatives from year one and two. The School has adopted the Derby City Drugs Education scheme of work.


The children have two or three lessons per week. During the year, lessons cover gymnastics, dance and games skills. Each area is covered by a sequence of lessons to enable the children to develop their skills. 

 Religious Education

We have both whole school and class activities. There is a daily assembly and through stories, children’s pictures and writing, each child may develop an awareness of himself/herself and sensitivity to others. Bible stories are told and we celebrate a number of festivals throughout the year. Through story, appropriate to the infant level, an awareness of other cultures and beliefs is fostered. If requested, children can be withdrawn from Religious Education. 

 Sex Education

In National Curriculum Science, the children learn about the human body, the cycle from baby to adult and how they themselves have changed. In Religious Education we talk about caring for each other and family relationships. The school follows the Derby City policy for the teaching of Sex and Relationships. This policy and scheme can be viewed by parents on request. 

 Road Safety

Is covered by class teachers as part of their ‘topic’ work. Visits to school by road safety officers are encouraged to reinforce the teacher’s work. Children are reminded about keeping themselves ‘safe’ prior to each holiday and as part of Personal and Social Education within the classroom. 

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