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Pirates Day

We had a fun and productive Pirates Day on 22 November 2013. This is part of our Topic Life on the Ocean Wave.

Please click on the Pirate Day link in Latest News to see lots of photos.

Pirates DSCF0956 Pirates DSCF0951

Pirates DSCF0949 Pirates DSCF0948 Pirates DSCF0947 Pirates DSCF0945 Pirates DSCF0944 Pirates DSCF0942 Pirates DSCF0937 Pirates DSCF0936 Pirates DSCF0931 Pirates DSCF0929 Pirates DSCF0927 Pirates DSCF0925 Pirates DSCF0921 Pirates DSCF0919 Pirates DSCF918 Pirates DSCF0916 Pirates DSCF0915 Pirates DSCF0914 Pirates DSCF0913 Pirates DSCF0912 Pirates DSCF0911 Pirates DSCF017

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