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 Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy

We will always encourage good behaviour by praise and reward. The children receive praise from their classmates and teachers, stickers and praise from the headteacher and may be given a special job to do.

The school code (SMART) and whole school behaviour system will be on display in every classroom from September 2016. This will be regularly reinforced by class teachers and during assembly time.

Children are expected to be polite. to share and take turns. and to do what an adult asks them to do without questioning. They are expected to respect other people and their property as reflected in the school code.

If a child displays inappropriate behaviour then he/she will lose privileges. If this behaviour continues then we will consult you for your support in dealing with the problem. If a solution is not found, we will consult the School Governors and the local authority for advice.

For inappropriate behaviour, the following sanctions are applied:

1. Verbal Warning

2. Time-out

3. Removal from playground for specific time period

4. Removal to another class

5. Sending to Head Teacher or Deputy Head teacher

6. Informing parents

Our aim is to ensure that the children always receive praise for good work and good behaviour and if sanctions are to be applied. then this will be done fairly throughout the school.

There may be occasions when staff have to physically restrain a child. This may be in order to stop a child hurting themselves or others, causing damage to property or behaving in a way that prevents good order in School being maintained.

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To view the Anti-Bullying Policy click Anti- Bullying Policy 2016

To view the child friendly version of the Anti-Bullying Policy click Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy

Our Positive Handling Policy is below

Positive Handling Policy – 2015/16

Further advice and information on Preventing Bullying is available from:


 Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children

Parents should be aware that the school is required to take any reasonable action to ensure the safety of its pupils. In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill-treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the Head Teacher is obliged to follow the Safe Guarding Board guidance and inform the social care team of the concerns.

To view the full Safeguarding Policy click


Our Code of Conduct for staff and governors is below:

Code of conduct

 Health and Safety Policy

 Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Good attendance is essential if pupils are to take full advantage of school and
gain the appropriate skills which will equip them for life.

Attendance Policy – June 2016

 Medicines Policy

Medicines Policy

Where a child has ongoing medical needs, parents should talk to the Head Teacher in the first instance.

Please ensure that the School has up-to-date contact numbers so that we can contact you in an emergency.

The School’s Care Co-ordinator is Karen Stone.

Medicine-and-Supporting-pupils-at-school-with-Medical-Conditions-Policy 2016

 Special Educational Needs & Disability

 Other Agencies

Other Agencies Concerned with the Welfare of your Child

The school health team – NHS – offers support on a number of issues and the School Nurse may be contacted directly by parents.

The School has good links with social care personnel who offer family support and respite care.

 School Visits

School Visits

As part of their topic work, teachers may plan to take the children on an educational visit. It may be a short walk to the local shops or park, or it could be a bus ride to a museum, farm or zoo. We ask that you complete a slip giving permission for your child to attend visits within the locality. Where a visit involves a longer journey then you will be asked to give permission for each occasion.

 Charging Policy

Charging Policy

It is necessary for School to ask for contributions from parents towards the cost of taking the children on school journeys. No child will be prevented from going on a visit because he/she has not paid.

The School reserves the right to cancel the visit if an insufficient amount of money is received.

Children who are eligible for ‘means tested’ free meals and that eligibility is current, will not have to pay towards the cost of school visits.

To view the full policy click Charging and Remissions

 Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education, Sporting Aims and Provision of Sport

Our vision at Brackensdale Infant School is to ensure that all children enjoy physical education and sport.

Through physical education and sport we aim to improve health and wellbeing, promote physical activity and encourage an active life-style.

Each class has one P.E. lesson per week devoted to the development of skills for team sports. In Key Stage 1, each class has two timetabled PE sessions per week, one of which is outdoors. Foundation stage children have one session in the Hall timetabled each week, alongside opportunities for outdoor physical activity.

Sports equipment is available for children to borrow at lunchtimes, supported by a group of mini-leaders.

We have a joint sports activity morning in the summer with Brackensdale Junior School. The children are grouped into teams and complete a variety of activities to earn points for their team.

Click to read report on the Physical Education and Sport Grant:

PE and Sport Premium 2015-16

The Physical Education and Sport Policy is below:

PE Policy 2014-16

 Equality and Diversity

Please follow the link for our latest policy.

Equality and Diversity Policy June 2016

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