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Year 1 have been lucky enough to have enjoyed some wonderful singing sessions this term led by a professional musician, Rachel Wilkes from the Derby and Derbyshire Music Partnership.

We have learned how to warm up in preparation for singing and have enjoyed warm up games and songs. We have explored pitch and have used a pitch pole to experience high and low sounds. As part of learning new songs, we have explored the use of dynamics to create interest for their audience and have used a range of different instruments to create dramatic effects to accompany the singing.

We have listened to different pieces of music and discussed how the music made us feel. We have appreciated different types of music, which helps our listening skills, and helps introduce new and exciting vocabulary that we can use in our writing.

We hope to put on a small concert for the rest of the School and the Year 1 parents at the end of the music sessions.


  • Calendar icon 25 February 2015
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